BOOK SIGNING: Erin Summerill & Tricia Levenseller

Erin and Tricia

One of my favorite parts of reading and writing is getting to connect with others who have been traditionally published in the field. It is so fun to see how excited authors are about writing novels and telling the story behind their books.

Last month in Boise at my favorite independent bookstore, The Rediscovered Bookshop, I attended a book signing by Erin Summerill and Tricia Levenseller.  They interviewed each other about their books, then they opened the floor for guest questions.

They answered some great questions about their writing process, plot-building, other books they are inspired by, and my favorite: world building. Tricia recommends playing video games for world building as well as excellent practice for fight-scene writing.

I was fortunate to ask a few questions about each author’s writing process. I was curious about how Erin gets into “writing mode”.  Her favorite setting in which to write? A single room in her house, candles alight, instrumental music playing, where nothing but writing is allowed. There is always Cherry Coke and some Hot Tamales present as well. Her mascots include her cats, which make perfect writing buddies.

She guessed I was a writer when I got to speak to her one-on-one at the signing. Erin signed my copy of EVER THE BRAVE and I took home a cute mash-up pin from both authors, made by the team at The Rediscovered Bookshop.

Her advice to me for writing was simple: Keep going.

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