Furyborn (Empirium, #1)Furyborn by Claire Legrand

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An enormous thank-you is owed to the publisher for this ARC of FURYBORN and to NetGalley. I feel a kinship to Rielle and Eliana in trying to obtain a copy. It is with profound gratitude and excitement that I write this review.

Soon to be published in May 2018, you won’t want to miss this masterpiece!

I’m sitting on the floor, breathless, my ears ringing. Have you ever finished a book, then don’t even know where to go from there?

Reading this book was like free falling off of a mountain and…oh wait, that gives too much away.

Action-packed with non-stop adventure and intrigue, Furyborn had me hooked from beginning to end. Legrand captivates reader’s minds with language that flows from scene to scene with perfect imagery. This story hits the ground running and it doesn’t stop.

The story opens with a long but fascinating prologue. It explains the ending more then the beginning, as most prologues do. As the story unfolded, I found myself flipping back to the prologue and gaining a new perspective each time. Most prologues are vague and easy to forget. This one digs its nails in.

A dual narrative from two POV’s ping-pongs back and forth, hundreds of years apart in FURYBORN. Two strong female leads, Rielle and Eliana, embark on their own journey of self discovery, each finding out that (of course) not all is as it seems. Engaging the familiar tournament trope, Rielle’s narrative is a fresh take and keeps readers engaged and cheering her on for success. Eliana takes an anti-hero narrative, slashing her way through morally gray areas. Over time, I fell for them both as I presume so many readers will.

The world building was incredible. The religion, geography, and magic was detailed and was used impeccably to push the story forward. The character’s personal growth, relationships, and decisions all were deeply infused with their character arc. I feel like I know these characters as actual people. Not many books achieve that.

I cannot wait for the next two books in the trilogy!

Characters 5/5: First person POV always gets us into a character’s head. Legrand captures this beautifully.
Readability 5/5: Make sure you’re well-hydrated. It’s hard to tear yourself away.
World Building 5/5: Amazing detail. I want to visit!
Romance 5/5: Is it hot in here? Ok there is definitely a romance thread in this story within both POV narratives. I won’t say more than that. That being said, don’t read chapter 41 around your grandmother…


Parents and adult guardians should use their judgement for younger readers as there are scenes that include violence and abuse, masturbation, and explicit scenes of sexuality.

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