In a loud, volatile world with too many people, many of us eagerly seek to escape.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are the Introverts.

We aren’t anti-social. On the contrary, we love everyone. Too much. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and sometimes a smile on our face when we’d rather be exploring other stories, characters, and landscapes. In essence, we search for ourselves in other worlds.

My dad used to read stories to me every day since the earliest days I can recall from childhood. Every night we’d follow furry friends from “The Animals of Farthing Wood”, the British children’s series by Colin Dann, among many other favorites. He’d do the ‘voices’—my favorite was “Badger”, a kind soul with a deep voice and a penchant for heroism. I have read every single day since.

In navigating the folly of life, we find not only our escape in books, but we live more lives than we could possibly imagine. We can be anything and anyone we want, travel across oceans while our feet remain on the floor, and fight larger-than-life dangers. We empower ourselves to be braver and stronger, beat the bad guy, kill the dragon, fall in love; we mourn the death of fictional characters as if they are real people.

Because they are.

“We lose ourselves in books. We find ourselves there, too.” – Anonymous

I have been an avid reader my entire life. In the last two years, I have discovered the other side of the story—the pen found its way to my hand, and my hand found the paper.

I started with writing flash fiction and short stories including The Clock Wives, the World War II journey of Evie and her inherited watch that stops time.

I moved on to other pieces, including one that popped up after a feverish dream (more of a hallucination, I was pretty sick for about a week) about a water fae—they don’t always like to be called ‘mermaids’—named Lyriic, who finds herself rising among the elite of her kind after winning a special competition, navigating strange new powers, forging alliances, enduring betrayal, and perhaps even falling in love. You can find a full description here.

When I’m not writing or fighting dragons, I work full time as a veterinarian. I practice small animal medicine, endoscopy, acupuncture, rehabilitation, and soft tissue surgery in Boise, Idaho.

Originally from Colorado, my job has taken me to multiple states and several countries including the West Indies. I currently live in Boise, Idaho with my husband, Steve, and our dogs.

Laura Veals

Being a veterinarian takes a lot from you, but gives you back so much more: It takes energy but gives you strength, it takes your patience but gives you resilience, and when very sneaky, it takes your sanity but gives you so much satisfaction when a life is saved.

Drop me a line anytime!

Much love to all,

~Laura S Veals, DVM, cVMA