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“One Foot In Sea” (Working Title)

YA underwater fantasy:
“The young water fae of The Coral Court are cultivated warriors, training to become protectors of a hidden underwater city called Tielerin- the breathtaking city of silverlight.

Once humans, they are stolen as children to be made into fae by The Blade in an ancient ritual called a “Gilling”. With such violence as only the beginning of their new world, the fae grow up to compete for the honor of completing the next Gilling. Winning will earn them a place in court, a title, and the honor of protecting their queen, Amara.

Failure to complete the Gilling will result in the unspeakable.

The threat of danger lurks everywhere: Sea creatures, The Ivory Plague- a mysterious white color spreading among the coral, killing wildlife and shortening food supplies, and the threat of Niotha- a fallen fae hated and feared by Amara and her court.


Water fae silhouettes ©M.Willhite. Watercolor.

As one young fae, Lyriic, finds herself rising among the Coral elite, she finds herself navigating strange new powers, alliances, lies, and perhaps even love.”